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If you’re saving for education, Hadley’s here to help.

529 plans offer big tax breaks, enabling your savings to grow tax-free and putting the power of 100% tax-free investment compounding on your side. Plus, everyone’s eligible. No age limits, income limits, or plan minimums.

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Hadley just made saving for education a whole lot easier, for everyone:

Matches you with a top-rated 529 savings plan.

We find the plan that’s right for you.

Makes the most of every dollar.

We’re a public benefit company created to maximize tax benefits.

  • Free to join
  • No subscription fees
  • No advisory fees

Makes saving social.

Friends and family can send gifts straight to your 529 – giving you the potential to save more, faster.

We're a public benefit company that exists to make education an accessible and affordable reality, for all.

While researching how to best save for his nieces’ educations, Hadley’s founder Yosh Miller was moved to action when he discovered that:

  1. 1
    7 out of 10 Americans are completely unaware of 529 plans.
  2. 2
    Today, 1 in 2 families are saving for education in a regular bank savings or checking account.
  3. 3
    Nearly 1 in 4 families are saving for education using a retirement account like a 401k.

The very families for whom 529 plans were created, are simply not accessing them largely because they don’t understand them or know where to start. Hadley changes this.

But 529 savers, here’s an important note:
not all 529 plans are equal.

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Americans can enroll in other states’ 529 plans. For the majority of Americans, their own state’s plan may not be best for them.
Some of those already in 529 plans pay high fees in poorly rated plans – and don’t even know it.
More than 2 out of 3 current 529 plan holders are in the three lowest 529 rating tiers.

Hadley is a mission-oriented, public benefit company and registered investment advisor with the SEC. We make it easier to save for education–at every stage of life–for everyone.

Gifting: Connect with everyone.

Hadley streamlines gifting so you can spend more time celebrating. Allow friends and family to send contributions straight into your 529 account with just a tap in our app. No more endorsing or mailing checks, complicated website logins, or invite codes.

Even easier! Set recurring contributions so you never miss a birthday.

Already have a 529 plan? You’re one step ahead. Link your plan to the Hadley app to take advantage of our hassle-free gifting feature.

Your savings info, all in one place.

Good news: you can close out all those tabs across your devices. Our easy-to-navigate app allows you to track your savings, gifts, and goals–all in one place.

We’ll also let you know how close you are to maxing out your tax benefits–so you can make sure you’re getting every bit of advantage out of your 529 plan at both the federal and state levels.

We humanize finding the top-rated 529 Plan that’s right for you–then we help you save.


Tax breaks for everyone saving for education

Congress designed 529 Plans to help families save for education in special investment accounts that incur ZERO taxes on investment gains. That translates to tax-free compounded growth, year-over-year-over.

Plus, you pay NO capital gains tax when your funds are used for qualified education expenses like tuition, room and board, computers, art supplies, textbooks, off-campus housing, and more. Not planning on attending a four-year university? 529s can also be used to pay for trade schools, certificate programs, and other types of educational programs…

Check out our FAQs to learn more.


The info you need, in seconds

We get it. Navigating the 529 universe can be a sea of confusion. We’re a public benefit company that exists to help make it easy for you. We help you meaningfully evaluate your options by asking questions in language you can understand, not some financial garble. And because we’re a public benefit company and registered investment advisor, our guidance aligns to what’s in your best interests, not some big investment firm’s. How refreshing is that?


Link your existing 529 plan

Already have a 529 Plan? You’re halfway there!

It’s easy to link your Plan to the Hadley app and take advantage of our hassle-free gifting feature and other benefits. Say hello to everyone’s new favorite birthday/graduation/I love you gift.

Hadley connects everyone to everyone, and is compatible across all 529 Programs.

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Download our FREE app! Available on iOS & Android.

Hadley factors in your savings goals, where you live, and your preferred saving style to find the top-rated 529 plan that’s right for you. Once you enroll in a 529 plan, Hadley helps boost your savings.

  • No sign-up fee
  • No advisory fees
  • No monthly or annual user fees
  • Connect with friends and family so they can make gifts directly within the app

With its big tax advantages, a 529 plan is a super effective way to save for education. You pay absolutely no taxes on 529 investment gains AND no taxes upon withdrawal, as long as the money is used for qualifying education expenses. Some 529 savers receive additional tax breaks from their state, too, for saving in a 529 Plan.

Unlike investment advisors (who profit off your saving!), with Hadley there are no advisory, sign-up or subscription fees and plan recommendations are completely free. You only pay a nominal processing fee that ranges from $1.49 for contributions under $150 to a $20 cap for contributions over $2,000.

529 Programs charge their own fees when you enroll in one of their plans. Information about their fees is contained in the Program’s Disclosure Booklet. Fees vary with each program, and most 529 account holders today are overpaying in poorly-rated plans. Hadley routes users to top-rated 529 Plans so less money is taken out in fees and more money can be retained in your education savings account.

You can link as many 529 plans to your account as you’d like. But we mean it when we say it: we find the Plan that’s most advantageous for you. When it comes to saving for education, Hadley removes the guesswork and the pain of administration. Your savings and gifts from friends and family are in a top-rated, low-fee plan.

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