Invest in your team's future with 529 benefits

Help employees save for education, pay off student loans, jumpstart retirement savings, and build lasting financial security.

Let's save for education, together
86% of employees want an education savings benefit¹, but only 2% of employers offer a 529 match contribution.²
60% of Americans do not feel they're saving enough for future education and career training expenses.³

For employees

Repay student loans
Use 529 funds for K-12, college, grad school, and related expenses like books and housing.
Save for education
Help pay off federal and most private loans with 529 savings.
Use for disability or retirement needs
Transfer funds to Roth IRA accounts or use for disability-related costs.
Transfer savings for free
Savings are infinitely transferable among existing and future family members.

For employers

Easy setup
No extra administrative burden, no paperwork, and no payroll integration.
Attract and retain diverse teams
Differentiate your benefits package to attract top talent.
Optional and flexible matching
Help employees save more, faster.
Corporate tax credits for employer contributions
Currently available for employers in AR, CO, IL, NE, NV, WI, and UT.
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1 Edward Jones, "3 out of 4 Americans Still Do Not Know What a 529 College Savings Plan is, according to Edward Jones Study," May 17, 2016,

2 SHRM, "Offering 529 Savings Plans Helps Families Avoid Student Debt," November 5, 2019,

3 Edward Jones, "Americans Are Saving for Education but Lack Awareness of 529," May 20, 2024,

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